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My journey began in Nottingham where I am originally from, after attending a foundation year at the Lace Market College of Art in 2008, I then went on to graduate from Leeds School of Contemporary Art & Graphic Design in 2012 with a BA(hons) in Graphic Art and Design. My latest achievement from which I graduated in 2014 was my Masters in Childrens Book Illustration from The Cambridge School of Art.

I am a freelance illustrator and craft dabbler with a passion for drawing, story telling and decorative pattern. I believe this really came to light the day I discovered what a wax crayon could do to your parents freshly decorated walls, and the way it could really attract peoples attention to take a closer look. Now here I am twenty-something years later with that same passion to add my own personal stamp in the creative world.

Over the years artists and designers such as Charles Rennie Macintosh, William Morris, Timorous Beasties, and Donna Wilson have become great influences of mine, as have traditional fairytales and fables.

Making patterns, creating textures through different mediums such as screen-printing, and drawing from nature and organic forms have become very evident in the way I work. I really enjoy creating beautiful single designs with a subtle narrative that I can then apply to my crafts, greeting cards and pattern designs.

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